New York Driver License (DMV) Written Test

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What should a driver do when exiting a parking space?

Look left, right and center

When exiting a parking space, the driver should look left, right and center to ensure that there are no vehicles or pedestrians coming from any direction. This will help the driver avoid collisions and prevent any potential accidents. Choosing option C, which suggests only looking ahead, is incorrect as it does not account for potential hazards on the sides of the vehicle. Option D, increasing speed abruptly, is incorrect as it can be dangerous and may cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle. Option B, signaling before exiting, is also incorrect as it should be done while still parked in the space, not while exiting. By looking in all directions before exiting the parking space, the driver can ensure a safe and smooth departure.

Signal before exiting

Look ahead only

Increase speed abruptly